Metal Link



Well, there you have it. Yep, it's a tomato.


Lip Sync

Lip Sync from Irene Cordero on Vimeo.


Push Pull Exaggerated

Here. Have a push-pull.


One day doodle

Here's a lady. I've been waiting all semester to do something flat and graphic. Yay!


3D caricature

Posting this just so I can link to it from elsewhere. Updated the image. It's not hideous anymore, and I threw in some expressions for good measure


Agatha the witch

I thought I'd share this. Not very good animation, but the next one will be better.
Anyway I liked the character and overall look of the piece. The bookshelf could use a little wood texture and the floor could use some kind of texture, but they don't stick out too much.



I keep wondering if having zero comments on most posts means that nobody looks at them, or just that nobody cares to comment...

Anyway, here's some stuff.
Process work and finals for some character designs for class


Virtual Irene

Oh look it's me! yay!
Coming soon in 3D!

I see what you did there...


Painting Practice

I'll get back to catching up soon, but I thought I'd post these quick practice digital paintings. Each was probably an hour, though I didn't keep good track. I'd say they're not too bad; a little more practice and I'll be ready for color!