The Help Files

Today I opted for a different method of obtaining information. Reading, as opposed to random experimentation.

I went and looked through the "imovie getting started" pdf, since it's probably the best way to get acquainted with the program when I know nothing about it. I had no idea where this file would have been located, so I simply opened imovie and it was somewhere under the help menu.

Now I just have one question. Whose idea was it to make this document in a sans serif font? Even I know better than that.... *sigh*

Well, I got up to page sixteen. Amazingly enough the readability wasn't too terrible.

First and most important thing they talk about is importing your video. To do this, set your camcorder to a playback mode, connect it via the firewire, and then in imovie, switch to camera mode. You'll see this option to the left of the playback buttons in imovie, where it shows a camera and a pair of scissors.

Then you'll be able to play through the video you have on your camcorder. A nice thing is you can also record directly from isight camera, which is built in if you have a MacBook Pro like myself. It could give you some neat effects. You'll want to rewind the tape a little before where you want to capture, so you have some room to work with in the future. Take notice, if you try clicking anywhere other than the capture controls it'll switch back to edit mode. So, click on play, and then quickly click on import. I guess that's another reason you want to rewind it a little further back.

Do this for as many clips as you like and (I believe) imovie will separate them for you . Once you're done disconnect the camcorder and switch back to edit mode.

If you want to import video from elsewhere just go into file>import and do your stuff. If you're in capture mode it'll be grayed out though. You can just drag in files also, if you so desire.

That's it for now, I'll continue next time.