Photo Booth

Ah yes, good 'ole photo booth. This is the ideal application for 1. when you're bored 2. to entertain friend with your mac and 3. facebook or myspace pictures... No really, this can be an useful application whenever you need a quick pic.

I often use it when I'm too lazy to scan something and the quality doesn't particularly matter.
The application is really very easy to operate. Once you open it, you press the red little camera button in the middle of the screen, wait 3 seconds and voila, the picture is taken.

It'll show up in the bottom. You can send them to iphoto, email them, or place them as account pictures for you system (like when you log in) or in ichat. The way the program stores images is a bit strange, but they are all kept in a folder together.

When in picture taking mode, you have two buttons that denote effects in the lower right of the image window. One set is color oriented effects, such as b/w, sepia, thermal camera, pop art, etc. The other set is deforming effects, such as fish eye, mirror, bulge, twirl, and so on.

It's a fun application