Comic Life

I'm honestly not sure why this is one of the "native applications," but I guess it's kind of nifty. It has a nice interface, and everything makes sense.

So, the general idea of this application is to have fun. You add in pictures from your iphoto library, a folder, or even directly from your web-cam, and give them little speech (and or though) bubbles. Applications for this are usually kind of limited and end up cheesy looking. Comic life has a really great amount of customization, so you can make it look very nice.

I'd really love to use this to add speech to my own comics (the ones I make once in a blue moon). I'd love this more if I was able to draw on it. Nice as that would be, I kind of understand why you can't. This would involve a whole new toolset and so on. Kind of troublesome and beyond the scope of what the application is for. In my humble opinion, this application is really, really nice. A bit too nice for what it's for.

So, the actual thing. Up on the top right corner you have your page templates. These have openings where you would drag in your image, and it automatically masks them for you. You can also add in you own panels. I didn't use them in this example.

Something that continues to puzzle me is the default font. If you want to change the font, you can see that it's called "Digital Strip." However, it doesn't show up in font book. I looked through the fonts to change it, and there's other fonts I've never seen before! I want to use them! what is this about??! Might anyone know why?

That's all