Font Book

This is a pretty nifty application for a few reasons. First is that you get to see all your fonts and organize them and so on. This is also particularly useful if you're designing something and need to pick out a font, but aren't really sure which one you might want. Another reason this is good is because it can help speed up the loading time of applications that use fonts.

Let me explain. If you were to disable the font preview in the applications that use them, and use font book instead, then during it's startup, the application doesn't have to retrieve all the information for all the fonts in your library. I usually find it more convenient to use font book also, because browsing through fonts is easier than using the drop down menu in most other applications. Furthermore, you can browse through fonts for more than one application at once.

You can arrange your fonts by creating collections. So if I need a Japanese fonts, I know what my options are by looking under there. I would like there to be a way to have the collections sorted and shown in your applications also, and there might be, I just haven't figured it out yet. It might be possible with an apple script... hm?