Garageband 2

Today I'm looking at your podcast episode options in garage band. It's very close to what we saw last time. This time however, the bottom editing window has changed slightly. Since you're no longer creating music (primarily) the bottom part looks like plain sound editing.

You still have your tracks, and you'll use these to record your podcast. First however, you need to set up your input. You do this first in your system preferences and later in garageband. In your system preferences>sound you can choose your audio input and output. In garage band, first you must access your preferences, and there under midi/audio, you can also choose your input and your output.

Change this to what you like and you can start recording.
Using a built in mic is fine, but you'll have to strive to make it sound better. It's much easier to get a higher quality recording from a cheap external mic. I've used my bluetooth headset and gotten very nice quality. Good luck.