I love iCal. Ever since I discovered it (which was actually at the beginning of this blog) it's made my life much easier. I write in everything I need to remember and voilà, there it is for posterity. It's a little more painful though, because now I'm constantly reminded of what I need to work on.

The most key aspects are your 'To Do' list and your calendars. On the left you have your calendars, in which you can store certain kinds of events. For example, I have school work, birthdays, random events and my finished things. You can have as many as you like and color code them for easy reference. There's lots of other things you can customize, like what day you want your week to start on, and whether you want to have a 5 day week, or a 7 day week.

You can view your calendar in either days, weeks or months. I personally prefer months. Another nice thing is you can write notes in with your date. I use that all the time.

According to iTWire, it's also possible to sync it with Google calendar.