So you have a dilemma. You've switched to the mac. You used to have about a million friends on AIM, but are a little confused about how that works on mac OS.

iChat to the rescue!!

I'm a big fan of ichat, and I mean that, even though I say it on every blog. One of the most awesome things is that you can use it to connect to all those friends left behind on your pc's AIM
You can assign your friends little icons as suited to your taste. These can also be linked to people in your address book, which I shortly covered in a past blog.

You can change the color of the speech bubbles, font style, or change your conversations from speech bubbles to simple text with a color background.

It supports audio and video conferencing as well.

Many blogs say that there is also an AIM application for mac. I believe ichat is awesome though, and would see no need for anything else.

I have 2 and a half friends.