Here's mostly everything that I have to show from traditional animation I. Some are very light so, sorry about that. With that, I think I will go animate now, I need practice.

Tailed Ball from Irene Cordero on Vimeo.

A ball with a tail to show follow through and overlapping action.

Ball in perspective from Irene Cordero on Vimeo.

A ball bouncing in perspective and colliding with an object for Traditional Animation I.

Ball Trio from Irene Cordero on Vimeo.

pencil test of 3 balls of varying densities colliding for Traditional Animation I.

Floursack Jump from Irene Cordero on Vimeo.

A pencil test of a flour sack jumping. The flour sack must think, then make a choice and jump with anticipation and follow through. Critique is encouraged and welcomed.


Lindsey said...

Irene! Your flour sack is super cute. The movement is very smooth and the emotion is clear. The only part that's weird for me is when it skips into the screen-- that motion is a little awkward and less believable. It also looks kinda like it jumps on the same foot with both steps, it happens so fast. I think a few more frames of hang time would improve it.

Skips are hard D: I tried to do one after I finished my walk in TA... the year ended before I was able to get it right :|

Irene Cordero said...

I'm so happy you like it! ya, the skip was a sticking point. It also didn't help me to not have realized there were some examples in the book. I'm working on another short animation now, so I think I'll put a skip at the end for practice.