Practice practice

Here's some stuff. Its mostly modeled figures to get me thinking about mass and volume and such, but there's other techniques mixed in there. Done in photoshop with photos as reference. They go from older to newer.
In addition, I have a question I'd like to pose to which I will require an honest and straightforward answer. What do you think I need to improve upon in my work? I realize there's not much work on here at the moment, but what can you conclude from what you can see here? I'm REALLY hoping for some feedback please!


Shannon Berke said...

Your newer work definitely shows improvement from "sketchier" forms to a little more fluid, solid looking ones. I really like the "bendyness" of the poses and it shows good use of balance and weight. THe brush itself that you use seems like a kind of watery looking brush that fuzzes out the edges. Maybe just for practice try a few different brushes? Just to see how they turn out? Other than that it's looking really good and it's always great to see improvement! =D Awesome work Irene!

Lindsey said...

I dunno, Irene... I looked over your art and for the most part I think it's really looking great. What you probably need most at this point is just general practice-- you know, deeper study and repetition of all principles (that's something all of us could use).

If I had to pick anything specific to improve upon... One thing that caught my eye in a few of your sketches is that the poses often don't seem well balanced-- like there's a bit too much mass to one side, so the character could tip over. So I guess I'd recommend paying closer attention to which foot is bearing the weight in a pose and how you're distributing the mass over it.

Kevin Lu said...

I think your gestures show a pretty solid understanding of mass. I like your energetic lines. I agree with lindsey, some of the poses look a little unbalanced. Maybe pay attention to the shoulder's and pelvis more? For gestures, I'd suggest simplifying your lines. Scribbling to feel the form is a great exercise. To make it more readable try using more thoughtful lines to describe the form. It makes a clearer silhouette. For example drawing through and around the form to show volume. Or try laying down a light light gesture or bony landmarks first. Then you can mass muscle and body parts on top.

You could also study where the muscles connect to bone and memorize most of the anatomical structure. So when you go to a gesture drawing, you don't have to rely on constantly looking at the figure and you're able invent and enhance the pose of the gesture. Try pushing angles and tilts of body parts to to make it more dynamic.

Use your lines economically to guide the eyes of your audience to the main part of the action. Also you can use parts of the body like the center of the abs as a natural "enhancer" to accent the line of action.

To grow in your gestures/ and figure drawings, try paying attention to bony landmarks more and where muscles interlock. I've been figure drawing too btw. Mostly from my head though.

Keep up the good work! Hope that makes sense and helps :)

Irene Cordero said...

You guys are great! thanks so much!