Apple Script

Last blog I talked about Automator and how it can help you feel leet. Well, forget that, this time I'm talking about Apple Script. Now, THIS is leet. It's pretty much like automator without the GUI interface, and of course, you have to understand the language it uses.

There are actually two parts, the more important right now is the script editor.

The official sources are a bit thin on information and help, but they led me to a website <http://macscripter.net> which appears to have a substantial amount of information.

So, to use this you need a basic understanding of the language, but if you're already pretty strong in programming logi
c (unlike myself) it should unlock a world of possibilities. I might look into using it in the future.

I attempted to look through some of the documentation, but quickly realized that I didn't understand much of it... and THEN, I found this! <
http://bbs.macscripter.net/viewtopic.php?id=24599> (this link refuses to work, so just copy and paste)

This is a nice little booklet that gives an extremely basic introduction to applescript.

I wrote a script to make my mac beep! (100 times) how exiting!

Furthermore, this document made me feel much better about my programing logic issues.