Well, I was going to look into Aperture next, but it appears I only had a free trial which was long expired... NEXT!

AUTOMATOR!! now here's something cool. This application will undeniably make you feel 1337! which equals cool of course.

So, it takes a little bit of thinking to put together the logic for your specific task, but what this application allows you to do is... automate things! In other words, you can set something up so the computer will go through all the steps by itself.

This is like the batch feature in photoshop. I'd love to see how (and if) you can add more applications to the library list. Once again, this seems like a powerful feature, though I can't yet imagine what I could take advantage of it for.
It's a bit quirky to build your workflow, but it basically works like the smart playlists in itunes. It's seems useful for processing many files, but it takes a little planning and understanding of how it works