Address Book

So last time (a long time ago) I said I was gonna summarize some of the mac's overlooked applications; in the sense that I've never used them before anyway (extensively)

First on the list is address book. This is a nice application, it's like itunes for people. You can make as many fields as you want for all that stuff like email, phone etc etc.

You can print you address books. It also works easily with the automator application, which I'll be talking about in a later blog.

It's certainly a better way to store info than your cell phone or an email account.

ooh, and it's bluetooth enabled, very nice!

You can add pictures, group people, the whole deal.

It's pretty self explanatory, and should prove a pretty useful application if you have a lot of contacts. I have few, so I probably won't be investing the time to organize them through here.